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Novice driver training became compulsory

Now, effect and more Government incentives for car purchases, more and more new cars are on the road, as it is more concern about road traffic safety. "On the road, most afraid to encounter car novice, they drive carefully, we looked frightened. Many, many people, especially in the car the road complex when seen novice drivers, nervous sweat for them. "Coach 12 years driving experience sparring company master said," if they can before we got in the way, add some more novice training course, really improve driving standards, may be able to more safety on the road. "
in the interview, Ms Zhu told reporters," Although last year was from a driving school to get the car, can now buy new car, driving was not practical, scurry, to no avail. Once officially on the road, have it know what to do, don't know how to solve the problem. "In her opinion, sparring companies have professional coaches, vehicles, space, warm and careful service, can she overcome the psychological fear in the teaching learning process, successfully make the transition from open to secure open.
turns out, now has a driver's license is not difficult, but some people take the car for a long time after this drive, because of lack of driving experience, road, and Ms Zhu appears most similar cases. Reports have said and took license in Beijing, there has been a "melt down" company looking for partner training practice driving spree.
"a beard well lathered. "Training company managers told reporters that conditions due to the space restrictions for novice drivers obtained a driver's license, from driving a simple road to drive, cannot meet the demand of domestic road traffic.
the head very carefully said, "currently, Beijing full of motor vehicles increasing, road reconstruction increasingly rapid, non-vehicle mixed traffic conditions, Beijing traffic as a direct result of complex, difficult to deal with. How can as soon as possible the application of theory to real-world driving, safe driving and respond flexibly according to changes in the driving environment, must be guided by a professional automotive training partner to solve. "
" of course sparring is the most direct and effective way. With practice, car new can not only get the basic operation of a vehicle guidance, more importantly access to psychological, skills and experience to help, quickly realized new free ride car, fun to drive this process. "He finally said.
it is understood that training company "combat" principles for partner training, coaches take novice, found problems in actual driving, explaining the problem, deal with the problem. As a professional drive training institutions, the training company trainers are training, has a wealth of experience and a wealth of teaching experience. Full insurance on all sparring cars appeared scratches by the company, and each coach is equipped with a pair of brake, an emergency Manager immediately.
it is well known that auto market this year encountered a rare policy favors consumers to become the largest beneficiary of automobile consumption also appeared a small climax. For, has experts pointed out that, with cars increasingly more to into unusual people of life, "novice sparring" on should and has began became novice road Qian of a compulsory, with full vocational coach on novice of actual road driving experience of training, let Novice Master actual road security driving experience, in road traffic of based link formed substantial of protection network, let consumers enjoy enjoy driving brings of fun.

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