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Study: lift the subway cell phone radiation increased by 6 times

Investigators chose Korea sales 7 handsets on the market, test the different uses of radiation in the environment, the results show, playing in the fast-moving Metro cell phones, on average produces 0.1-1.06V/m (volts/m, EME units) of the radiation, 6 times higher compared with the stopped state. In enclosed spaces such as a cell phone in an elevator, EME will rise to 0.15-5.01V/m, average is about 15 times higher than wide in an elevator locations, and when the phone shows "connecting" radiation is strongest. Korea experts said, in a fast-moving, mobile phone will keep searching signal, now called electromagnetic radiation will increase. Similarly, in small, enclosed spaces such as elevators, poor cell phone coverage, call the mobile phone radiation can also cause increased. Experts suggest that even if cell phone electromagnetic radiation is lower than the standard, and don't take it lightly, unless in case of emergency, try not to take the subway, elevator and then call; to reduce the risk of exposure to electromagnetic radiation of, we should try to reduce call time; when bad signals leading to inaudible, nor the phone close to the ear. BACK

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