Accompanied driving project
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Accompanied driving project

Tunnel driving

Observe the signs when cars are close to the tunnel, to carefully observe traffic signs or traffic information boards, trucks pay special attention to height restrictions, high vehicles into the tunnel is strictly prohibited.
Open the headlight inside the tunnel vision is poor in advance, before entering the tunnel to open the headlamp and width lamp in advance, in order to see the road and traffic conditions, and it's easier for others to identify.
reduced speed because of the difference in brightness inside and outside tunnels, cars entering the tunnel a dark adaptation process to the human eye, there emerged from the tunnel to be adaptation process ming, driver's vision in this process, must be slowed down. Professional tunnel not intuitively determine speed, be sure to confirm speed by speedometer.
motor vehicles through a single line tunnel through a single tunnel, look carefully before entering the tunnel to car-free, whether there is a prevailing conditions. Allow through, horn is appropriate or enlightenment width the light, swift pass. If there is a tunnel or a car drove across the stop signal, should be at the level crossing on the right parking, subject to release to drive through or light signals, and then start driving people tunnel, red light stop, green light through, as shown in the following figure.
while it is through the double-line tunnel through the double-line tunnel, should drive on the right side of the road, as the case turned on lights, note that rendezvous vehicle Horn is generally not in the tunnel, especially in long distance traffic flows within the larger tunnel must pay more attention, avoid the Horn inside the tunnel noise increases, as shown in the following figure.
Security and stability when driving in a tunnel, drivers to control vehicle direction, keep a safe distance between vehicles, not free to change lanes, overtaking is not allowed back and turn around and pay strict attention to traffic in the tunnel.
other uses prohibited, at all levels within road tunnels are narrower than roads outside the tunnel, in particular shoulder width is a minimum base width-design reference. Therefore, other uses prohibited in tunnels, so as to avoid traffic jams. If the car fails, enlightenment should open wide lights and tail lights, and tried to move the car into the tunnel.

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