Accompanied driving project
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Accompanied driving project

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Steps from Zuo Ku moves to the right is the second fall into two: one into the right direction killed, one fist in the front left corner sweep shot in the opposite direction. See front, as long as you don't touch, back to the steering wheel as far as possible, some are. Then stop for reverse gear, continues back to the right direction, while turning back cars ass, midpoint and the rod when the line, quick left back and let it go back as far as possible, to the principle of no bottom line. Other forward gears, turn right direction, keep the bar in the front left corner and about 20 cm distance, but not out of the front line, before stopping the left back to the positive direction. When the car was basically in the middle of the library, directly back on the line. The next step is to ramp. By: playing a lap and a half to the left direction, front paged in the left, and then right back to one and a half laps, you can smooth out how to fall correctly into the library, remember two things: a width of two angles. They should cooperate with width: right, stopped at the line on the right, started to Zuo Ku, first playing a lap and a half to the right of the steering wheel, looking back, there are some cars in the left corner with width. This width is very important. Coaches say to Eve centimeters. According to my experience, it should be bigger, about 40 more appropriate. Amended from time to time, keep the width. Angle: first three front line when a line and diagonal bars and cars left in a straight line, thus forming the angle. As the car moved, obtuse, and right angles, and finally the 45 degree angle. OK, immediately shot to the right direction, is out of the car into the library. Into the library when adjusting the front? Two ways: first, continue to focus on car ass, placed after the two lines of the right of the median one-third (Note: If you turn to the right, see point coincides with the rod), back to back three times to the left of the steering wheel, front Basic is the. Steady direction, directly into the library, and second, regardless of the butt thing, looking directly along the front, feeling the front parallel to it, and back three times to the left is just OK. Look at two points, namely, car horns and two, it is easy to compare which way more and which less. After entering the library, if the body is not how to adjust? Generally whether the midpoint of the back compartment between the two poles, in fact, difficult to master. BACK

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