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accompanied driving services, Ltd, Xiamen easy road, now has new all kinds of manual transmission cars, automatic cars, accompanied driving, easy road of Xiamen, Xiamen accompanied driving, Xiamen, Xiamen accompanied driving company drive training, Xiamen, Xiamen with the accompanied driving prices driving company well, Xiamen which accompanied driving is best, the accompanied driving the best coaching staff in the industry. Main oriented beginner got license or has license number years not driving had car of, provides one-on-one of sparring service, including driving technology of upgrade, driving experience of taught, security strain capacity of strengthened: and in test license in the by learn not to of traffic busy road of actual driving, makes students in short time within experience out Gao Cao of driving technology, to reached security lane of purpose.

company accompanied driving and training vehicles for new car, good air conditioning, auxiliary braking system, vehicle with professional insurance. When you practice driving, such as car accident, scratches, in violation of all liability by us companies are responsible for the chauffeur service, such as occurs during driving or violation and all other responsibilities in addition to insurance company paid by our company.


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